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My name is Austin Newell

Austin Newell is an independent filmmaker from Fresno, California. Austin specializes in Digital Cinematography and has advanced knowledge and experience with all aspects of video production.

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My Story

As long as I can remember I have always been trying to create things. From a young age I knew I was a creator I just wasn’t sure what I was a creator of.

As I got older I started dedicating myself to learning to draw, taking classes at school and spending all of my free time drawing to get better.

That eventually led me to want to become and artist with painting on canvas or some similar art forms.

When I began taking more advanced art classes in high school I began playing around with a camera my family had at home.

So for Christmas one year my father bought me a refurbished Mini DVD camera from a used camera store and from there I began playing around with filming things.

Once I started making videos I learned of a program that would let me add visual effects to my videos called Adobe After Effects CS3.

I didn’t know how to use it but I knew that if I followed the tutorials exactly then I could get by.

Fast Forward a couple years and I have been using After effects non stop by following tutorials on videocopilot.net

and I have transferred out of my art classes and into a film class.

After high school I immediately found a job to be a videographer at a local university.

After working as a Multimedia Technician for 4 years I decided to go to Full Sail University online and earn a Bachelor of Science in Digital Cinematography.

Shortly after joining full sail as a student I took another leap and started my own video production business, Studio Grade.

It has always been something I wanted to do and it gives me new projects every day that challenge me to create.

This is the condensed story of how I got where I am at now.




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